Week 13: 14-5 Smersh

“And the universe shook on its axis on that one, boy.” So said Rob about Tampa Bay’s upset win over Seattle in Week 12. This is no time to pick football games. So we make fun of Jeff Fisher for a while, read a poem and then move on rather quickly. See you next time. Ok, we did pick Steelers over Giants, and Chopper likes Denver for survivor pools.

Week 12 NFL Picks: Seattle vs Everybody

Rob’s breakdown of Seattle’s late season record will have you getting a second mortgage out on your house or significant other. Also: Luke Keuchly’s face. Chopper. Respect for Dallas. Love for Pitt, New England & Atlanta. We’re rolling with the favs. Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 11 Picks: The Fat Middle

We’re not body shaming: we’re staring at the clumped up batch of .500 teams, wondering what could have been. Collective love for Patriots, Seahawks and Chiefs. Dave’s got a strong in-game play on the Rams. Rob has a strong take on Baltimore over the Cowboys, while Chopper smells an upset in Mexico City (good luck!)

Week 10 NFL Picks: Only Christmas

Red Wedding remorse, a Harbaugh apparel competition, and all picks ATS are part of this week’s chat, which is a little more political than usual, after last night’s Presidential election. Like most of the world, we’re insomniacs with sore throats and hallucinations. P.S.: go Cardinals!