Shame. Shame. Shame.

The last line I threw away on Thursday’s Week 3 Wide Right pod was a cruel dagger that Dave quietly slipped in between the third and fourth rib…

“Yeah, I hate myself for that Steelers pick… I have to be honest.” – Rob V. End of Week 3 pod – tape still rolling after close of pod. That cut away line wasn’t supposed to be in the pod – it was just supposed to haunt my dreams.

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Week 1 NFL Picks: Week Won Wildness

Damn – every year we almost forget just how much we LOVE Football.

Anyone missing Peyton? This is the first time in a donkey’s age that we haven’t had either the Sheriff or Tommy Terrific for Kick Off week–end. No matter, just throw out a second year 7th Round after-thought against the League MVP, mix in some Altitude and stir. Magic!

NFL Neuro-Specialists aside – how great was that drama last night?

Porkchop, and I are LOVING the potential knee jerk Cinderella Mount Siemian story-lines but the best one is this:

Kubiak literally throwing caution to the wind and having Siemian “the Kid” throw on 7 of the first 10 plays! Headline:


In the copy cat league that is the NFL, what could possibly go wrong with Over-Reaction Sunday?

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The Definitive List of 36 #underdog Reasons that the Broncos will win Super Bowl 50!


@sonobum Inspired and Officially Approved

Why 36?… Because we’re doubling down on 18!

#1.          Panthers haven’t faced a top pass rush nearly all year.  Seattle? – 15th / Arizona? – 27th / Giants? 30th / Atlanta x2 – 32nd / Indy? – 28th / NO x2 – 20th /  Dallas? 16th / GB? – 14th.

#2.          If Cam runs… well, he’ll have some success but he’ll also get the Andrew Luck treatment – e.g. possible lacerated kidney / ‘floating’ rib cartilage.

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