Championship Sunday

After 19 weeks, we’re down to two potential Super Bowl matchups. Green Bay and New England seem to be on a collision course, but Atlanta does have some fans, and the line is a bit of a head scratcher. Chopper checks in with his take of the year. See you on Snapface!

Divisional Round: “I have emotions”

Nobody believes in the Texans. Us either. We like the remaining three games to be close, being eternal optimists, but like both home teams to win on Sunday. While we both like Seattle to cover, Dave still likes Atlanta to win. Still can’t tell if he’s being honest or goat mouthing the Falcons. Plus: Chopper, and the Chargers give San Diego the final kiss off.

Wild Card Weekend

Can’t lie: Dave got the sniffles pretty good about halfway through and it’s not that easy to listen to. Wild Card Picks: Raiders & Lions to cover. Seattle & maybe Raiders for the win. Pittsburgh all day and strong lean towards Giants against the spread. Happy New Year, y’all!