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Want to treat the casually degenerate gambler in your life with something nice and shiny? Get one of our original philosophies on 100% cotton goodness. First up:

“Lose 1 Lose 2″ was the genius insight of The Chopper during the 2015-16 season. When an undefeated team finally loses, they tend to lose the following week as well. With a smaller sample size and fewer undefeated teams, the slogan has held true in 2016. The Eagles lost one, then lost two. And, if you were paying attention, you’d see that the Vikings, having lost 1, were due to lose the second against Chicago.

Hot DAMN! – I need 1 XL, 1 Teen, 1 Boy’s medium, and a woman’s petite! – Rob

No one took Chicago seriously in last night’s game . . . except WideRight Dave who, in picking Chicago, cited Lose 1/Lose 2 as one of his key reasons (in addition to getting Cutler in a contract game, Minnesota line woes, the return of checkdown Sam Bradford, etc). Da Bears beat the Vikings 20-10.

Let’s start selling THAT SHIRT.   MONEY – Porkchop Paulie


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