Week 12 NFL Picks: Seattle vs Everybody

Rob’s breakdown of Seattle’s late season record will have you getting a second mortgage out on your house or significant other. Also: Luke Keuchly’s face. Chopper. Respect for Dallas. Love for Pitt, New England & Atlanta. We’re rolling with the favs. Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 11 Picks: The Fat Middle

We’re not body shaming: we’re staring at the clumped up batch of .500 teams, wondering what could have been. Collective love for Patriots, Seahawks and Chiefs. Dave’s got a strong in-game play on the Rams. Rob has a strong take on Baltimore over the Cowboys, while Chopper smells an upset in Mexico City (good luck!)

Week 10 NFL Picks: Only Christmas

Red Wedding remorse, a Harbaugh apparel competition, and all picks ATS are part of this week’s chat, which is a little more political than usual, after last night’s Presidential election. Like most of the world, we’re insomniacs with sore throats and hallucinations. P.S.: go Cardinals!


Week 9 Picks: The Red Wedding

After back-to-back weeks of getting killed, Vegas sportsbooks are due for a bounce back. We advise all home favorites to beware of upsets, upstarts and Lannisters. Elsewhere: a victory lap for Dave’s Bears pick! Bugley Studios, revealed! And a sure thing ticket for new listener, Vishanti!