Week 8 NFL Picks: Still Upset

print_logo_coe2016_en_uk-jpg_20160525113743Cleveland QBs; a spirited debate about Vikings/Bears; Chopper, still upset; and some consensus faves ATS. Chargers/Patriots might be the two-team parlay of the year: This week’s podcast has been awarded the Internet’s certificate of excellence for our recent win streak (Miami! Twice!) and general good character.

Week 7 NFL Picks: On a Boat

The briefiest of pods this week, as Rob checks in from a docked cruise ship in St. Maarten. Vikings, Seahawks, and Patriots are our favorite favorite plays. Browns, Dolphins and Chargers are our favorite non-favorite plays. Chopper says his too. Enjoy the games!

Week 6 NFL Picks: Poop Still Tastes The Same

Strange times when the public is pounding the Falcons over the Seahawks, in Seattle, after their bye. We’re on home teams there, in New England for Brady’s return, and the Miami Dolphins on the points, despite the taste. Pick some winners and make America great again!