Week 4 NFL Picks: The Defeateds

Eagles, Broncos, Patriots and Vikings are undefeated, but the names that really have our attention this week? Kessler. Gabbert. We like the Browns & 49ers, along with some other more conventional Week 4 picks. Wanna jump off the bandwagon with us?


Shame. Shame. Shame.

The last line I threw away on Thursday’s Week 3 Wide Right pod was a cruel dagger that Dave quietly slipped in between the third and fourth rib…

“Yeah, I hate myself for that Steelers pick… I have to be honest.” – Rob V. End of Week 3 pod – tape still rolling after close of pod. That cut away line wasn’t supposed to be in the pod – it was just supposed to haunt my dreams.

Here’s a running internal dialogue during the course of Steelers vs. Eagles during the course of yesterday afternoon. Continue reading…

Week 3 NFL Picks: One Snap

We lean hard to the Patriots, Cardinals, Dolphins, and Seahawks. We argue about Green Bay. Chopper rolls in with upset / survivor specials. We take a knee with Colin Kaepernick. It’s an Eddie Lacy-sized podcast (not the slim trim one, but the old fat one). Enjoy!

Week 2 NFL Picks: Circumcising the mosquito

Rob uncovers a trifecta of afternoon action (we’re tilting on Seattle, Arizona and Carolina),  while Dave has some choice words for Jerry Jones and the Rams. Chopper chimes in with survivor pick (Panthers) and upset of the week (Cowboys). Welcome back, NFL.

Week 1 NFL Picks: Week Won Wildness

Damn – every year we almost forget just how much we LOVE Football.

Anyone missing Peyton? This is the first time in a donkey’s age that we haven’t had either the Sheriff or Tommy Terrific for Kick Off week–end. No matter, just throw out a second year 7th Round after-thought against the League MVP, mix in some Altitude and stir. Magic!

NFL Neuro-Specialists aside – how great was that drama last night?

Porkchop, and I are LOVING the potential knee jerk Cinderella Mount Siemian story-lines but the best one is this:

Kubiak literally throwing caution to the wind and having Siemian “the Kid” throw on 7 of the first 10 plays! Headline:


In the copy cat league that is the NFL, what could possibly go wrong with Over-Reaction Sunday?

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