Super Bowl 50 Recap: A little Dab will do you…

but too much Dab will undo you! So said Wade Phillips following the Broncos’ victory over the Panthers. Rob and the Chopper had to be pulled down from the ceiling; Dave had to be pulled off of something else. We recap the bets, the game and the experience of Super Bowl 50.

The Definitive List of 36 #underdog Reasons that the Broncos will win Super Bowl 50!


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Why 36?… Because we’re doubling down on 18!

#1.          Panthers haven’t faced a top pass rush nearly all year.  Seattle? – 15th / Arizona? – 27th / Giants? 30th / Atlanta x2 – 32nd / Indy? – 28th / NO x2 – 20th /  Dallas? 16th / GB? – 14th.

#2.          If Cam runs… well, he’ll have some success but he’ll also get the Andrew Luck treatment – e.g. possible lacerated kidney / ‘floating’ rib cartilage.

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Super Bowl 50: Wade Phillips Wears the Jewels

As Super Bowl 50 approaches, nothing is being played closer to the vest than the rituals, jinxes and reverse jinxes that Rob and the Chopper are deploying on behalf of their beloved Denver Broncos. Dave’s taking Carolina to win, Denver on the points and under on the total. Plus: prop bets.