Championship Recap: “Carolina is Better”

Chopper’s got the week off as we recap Championship Sunday. Cardinals faded faster than a UK pop star, while the Broncos squeezed out an admirable win. We recap the games and set things up for next week’s Super Bowl picks.

Championship Sunday: The Picks

We recap the Divisional Round, particularly in-game bets. As for the picks: no surprises. We’re all on the Cardinals, and two of us are on the Broncos. **Note: The Chopper’s take was not heard prior to recording, and we covered very similar ground. With less sound effects. We apologize for the overlap. **

Divisional Round Picks: Denver Denver Homer

Divisional Round isn’t the most inspiring title. We’re going with Chopper’s suggestion here. All three brains are in sync for the Pats, Cardinals, Seahawks and Broncos to advance. We recap the madness of Bengals/Steelers and wonder what the Browns and Hue Jackson are thinking.

Wild Card Picks: Reap What You Sow

The annual strive for playoff perfection begins, but we’re not going to get there together: me and Rob both like the Seahawks & Bengals but have different takes on the other games. Chopper checks in with a high energy upset pick. Do not be deceived!