Week 17 NFL Picks: Happy New Year

Vegas made chumps of us all last week, so we sift extra hard through the slate. There’s a few favorites we like, and also think the chances for Carolina to stumble again are very real. The Chopper pops in after surviving an earthquake. More than we can say for Chip Kelly.

Week 16 NFL Picks: The beaver is the most diligent worker in the animal kingdom

Our bloatiest pod of the year! A two-week win streak has us deep diving on line movements, the Broncos, a possible trap game in Baltimore, and love for a handful of favorites. Chopper pops in with another upset special.

Week 15 NFL Picks: They Can’t Eat You

Big confidence in Seahawks & Patriots. Rob thinks G-Men stop Carolina; Dave’s inclined to back the Panthers. We really like the Bengals, and Dave makes an impassioned pro-Dolphins argument. From the West Coast Chopper backs the Eagles, but concedes it’s tricky picking upsets.

Week 14 NFL Picks: Chopper’s World

Favourites are rolling, and it’s no surprise we like the Cards, Panthers and Seahawks. Podcast first: we decline to pick Lions/Rams. After picking the Eagles to upset New England, we bow to Chopper, who returns with another gutsy call.