Week 12 NFL Picks: Gobble gobble

We split on Turkey Day games: Rob’s in with the Eagles, Cowboys & Packers; Dave like the Lions, Panthers & Bears (ATS). We rant on QB Killer Jeff Fisher, bemoan the creeping idiocy from the NFL, and generally ask people to get off our lawns. Bengals! Oh how we love the Bengals (this week)!

Week 11 NFL Picks: Chirp chirp

We got blindsided by the Lions upset last week: but we shouldn’t have, given what we now know about line movements. We recap, we reset, we pick. Lots of love for Carolina and the Falcons. Plus: Porkchop Paulie and a bird in Rob’s office.

Week 10 NFL Picks: Happy Diwali

A thorough recap of Week 9 and Rob’s line movement theory. Dave trolls Rob about the Raiders catching up to the Broncos; Rob trolls Dave about Russell Wilson’s Instagram feed. Porkchop’s take is running late; we’ll post it seperately.