Week 6: By Unpopular Demand

Horrible line play, dubious calls, never-ending lawsuits: football felt more like a courtroom drama than sport. So we took a step back. But then we remembered how much we like gambling on the NFL and here we are, regressing once more towards the mean. Picks for all games except Colts / Titans because why bother.

Super Bowl: This one’s for America

After solving all US political problems offline, Rob and Dave try to geek themselves up for Super Bowl 51. Heads and Vissers are with the Patriots; Dave’s going with his heart (and his girlfriend’s pick) for the Atlanta Falcons. We laugh at the Raiders, because the more things change . . .

** PS- for reasons unknown, terrible, horrible echo kicks in on Dave’s take after the Chopper comes in. It’s the audio equivalent of watching a Jeff Fisher offense for 16 weeks. Please be assured we have taken this error to heart and will have a really sparkly post-Super Bowl pod for y’all. **

Championship Sunday

After 19 weeks, we’re down to two potential Super Bowl matchups. Green Bay and New England seem to be on a collision course, but Atlanta does have some fans, and the line is a bit of a head scratcher. Chopper checks in with his take of the year. See you on Snapface!